Walmart Call Out/Call In Number To Call In Sick as a Walmart Employee

Need to call in sick at Walmart? We’ve got you covered! It’s super simple and hassle-free. No need to stress about it. Just dial the Walmart call-out number, and you’re good to go. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or need a mental health day, reporting your absence is a breeze with this number. Our blog walks you through the process step by step, making sure you know exactly what to do. So, take a deep breath, pick up the phone, and let us help you take care of the rest.

What is Walmart Call Out Number?

Hey there! Need to call out sick from Walmart? Just dial 800-492-5678, and you’re all set. This number is your go-to for reporting any unscheduled absences. When you call, they’ll ask for a few details like your date of birth, WIN (that’s your Walmart Identification Number), your name, and the store number. It’s all pretty straightforward, nothing complicated. So, if you’re feeling unwell or have an emergency, don’t worry, just give them a ring and let them know. They’ve got your back!

How To Report An Absence At Walmart?

Hey fellow Walmart employee! Got the sniffles or feeling a bit under the weather? No sweat, calling in sick is a breeze. Just remember to do it at least 3 hours before your shift to dodge any warning points. Dial up 800-492-5678, that’s the Walmart call-in-sick number. Whether it’s an injury or sickness, they’ve got you covered. Easy peasy, right? So, take care of yourself, make the call, and rest up! Your health comes first.

Various Methods To Report An Absence

Walmart fam! When life throws you a curveball like sickness or an emergency, Walmart’s got your back. Here’s how you can let them know you need some time off:

  1. Reach Out to Your Store Manager: Your first move? Give your store manager a ring. They’ll appreciate the heads-up and can make arrangements to cover your shift or manage things better.
  2. Call Sedgwick: Easy peasy! Dial up Sedgwick at 800-492-5678. Just follow the prompts and provide a few details like your WIN number, date of birth, name, store number, and why you’re calling in sick. They’ll give you a confirmation number – jot it down for reference.
  3. Use Your OneWalmart Account: If you’re tech-savvy, hop on your OneWalmart Account. Don’t have one yet? No worries, just sign up. Once you’re in, find the “Report an Absence” section, and follow the steps.

Whether you prefer talking to someone or handling it digitally, Walmart’s got options to make reporting absences a breeze. Take care of yourself, and don’t forget to rest up!

Things To Know Before Reporting An Absence At Walmart

Walmart team! Let’s talk about taking time off when life throws curveballs. Here’s what you need to know about Walmart’s Leave of Absence (LOA) rules:

  1. FMLA Leave: Need time off for family or medical reasons? You might qualify for FMLA leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. To be eligible, you generally need to have worked for Walmart for at least 12 months and clocked in a minimum of 1250 hours.
  2. Personal Leave: Sometimes life just happens, right? Walmart offers personal leave for certain qualifying situations. It’s there for you when you need it.
  3. Military Leave: Are you serving in the military or on active duty? Walmart’s got your back with military leave. Plus, if your military pay is less than what you earn at Walmart, they’ll make up the difference. That’s pretty cool!

Intermittent Leave:

Need to take time off for medical treatment now and then? Walmart’s got an intermittent leave option. Just make sure to inform the Sedgwick Automated System and your manager about any scheduled time off.

What Info to Provide:

Whether you’re talking to your manager or using the Sedgwick automated system at 1-800-492-5678, make sure you have these details handy:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Walmart WIN number
  • Store number where you work
  • Reason for calling in sick

Got it? Great! Remember, taking care of yourself is important, so don’t hesitate to use these resources when you need them.

Whom Should I Have To Report My Absence At Walmart?

Make sure to tell your Walmart store manager if you can’t make it to work. That way, they can find someone to cover your shift. It helps keep things running smoothly!

What Is the Walmart Tardy Number?

Got a late start at Walmart? No problem! Just dial 1-800-775-5944, aka the tardy number. Let them know you’ll be arriving late, provide your info, and wait for confirmation. Save that confirmation code and give your manager a heads-up. And remember, it’s best to call in sick at least three hours before your shift if you need to!

When Should I Call To Walmart?

Wondering when to call in sick to Walmart’s Sedgwick automated system? Here’s the scoop: Aim to ring them up between 8 am to 5 pm. If your shift starts bright and early, give them a heads-up the day before. Otherwise, hop onto your OneWalmart account and notify them at least 3 hours ahead.

Now, about that timing: Walmart suggests giving them a ring at least three hours before your shift starts. But hey, if it’s urgent, don’t wait! Reach out to your store manager ASAP.

When you make the call, be ready with your WIN, DOB, and store number. Quick and easy, right?

Can I Raise a Request of Sickness At Walmart Online?

If you’re a Walmart associate, you probably know about OneWalmart. Here’s how to report sickness online:

  1. Log in to your OneWalmart account using your WIN, birthdate, and store number.
  2. Head to the “Report absence” section.
  3. Choose the type of absence and explain why you can’t make it to your shift.
  4. Pick any injuries or symptoms you’re experiencing, then hit submit. Easy peasy!

How To Call In Sick At Walmart In An Emergency?

If you’re in a bind and need to call off your shift at Walmart, just dial 800-492-5678. They’ve got you covered in emergencies!

How To Notify Sickness Using Walmart Call Out Number?

Need to call in sick at Walmart? Easy peasy! Just dial 800-492-5678 from your smartphone. Remember, give them a heads-up at least three hours before your shift starts to avoid any issues. They’ll ask for your WIN, birthday, store number, and give you a confirmation number for your manager. Piece of cake!

No Identification Number? No Problem. Here’s How To Call in Sick at Walmart Without WIN Number

If you can’t remember your Walmart Identification Number (WIN), no worries! You can still request leave:

  1. Contact your Walmart branch store manager directly.
  2. Explain why you need to take leave.
  3. Make sure your leave is approved.

Your manager will handle informing higher-ups about your absence, so you won’t face any penalties. Easy as pie!

Will Walmart Give Me Points For Calling Sick?

Walmart only gives points if you report sickness before or after your shift starts, or if you miss your entire shift.

Walmart Call Out Number: Conclusion

Letting Walmart know you can’t continue your shift is as simple as saying hello to customers. Just call 800-492-5678 at least three hours before your shift. Give your Walmart ID, birthdate, and store number. They’ll give you a confirmation code to share with your manager. Easy peasy!


How many sick days can you have at Walmart?

Walmart allows up to three sick days if you report your absence properly.

How many occurrences are allowed?

Walmart permits up to five occurrences per six months for eligible employees, with or without your WIN.

Will frequent absences lead to job loss?

It depends on Walmart’s policies. Missing several days without proper leave filing may risk your job.

Can you use PTO for sick leave?

Yes! After a year, full-time hourly associates can use PTO, receiving 50% or 60% of their average weekly wage.

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